Monday, June 29, 2009

Doing much better

Alana is doing much better. She is actually keeping real food down and her diaper changing has slowed waaaay down too!! So grateful!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alana is sick!

Our poor baby Alana has been pretty sick the last couple of days - we ended up taking her to the ER this morning because of dehydration. They said it's just a viral infection. Oh and by the way can I just say Kadlec is a great hospital - the people there are wonderful and they were awesome about seeing her very quickly both times we went in (we went thursday night too cause no matter what we did she just wouldn't stop vomiting)

She wanted to hold mommy and daddy's hands the whole time - poor baby :(

House - Really starting!

Okay for some reason after the last post the builder decided to cover back up the digging they had already done and "flip" the house design. So here is what they have done in the last week.

In this first picture they staked out the house so if you zoom in you can see the stakes in the pic. (just click on the pic and you can see it bigger)

In this second pic they have poured some of the footings.

More footings...

And in this last pic they have gotten all the footings poured and covered them back up and have put in piping like the hot/cold water lines and drain lines. I think they will pour the concrete slab over the top next week. (we will have no crawl space)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our home is started!

Alrighty so as promised I am posting pictures of our "home"

This is the front view (taken from the street) the large mound will be our garage.

This was taken from the right side of the house, that is David in the background (on the left) holding Alana. And the guy on the right is our "neighbor" Enoch.

This picture was taken right about where David was standing in the previous picture - it looks out towards our "view". The closer mound will be our garage and the further one will be the house.
We were actually expecting them to start digging tomorrow (Friday) (our tenth anniversary - yeah to us!!), at least that is what the builder told us but hey I'm not complaining!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our home lot

Okay so as promised here are some pictures of our home...

Or rather the LOT that our home will be built on!
The above picture is the front of the lot
(our driveway will be really close to the one you can see, right behind that white car)

The below picture is of us standing at the back of the lot.

Below is the back of the lot (we are standing about where the back of the house will be built). Yes we have a large slope back there. Our plan is to build a deck out over the slope and terrace the slope and make some nice garden/fruit tree area. Also at the bottom we would like to remove some dirt, make a flat area and a retaining wall and put a little play area down there and steps down to it.
Below is our "view". More then likely a house will be built there eventually so we'll just have a little bit of one later (maybe between the houses).

And finally below is a model of what our house will look like (without so much yard of course). Hope you got a general idea of what the house will be. I will be posting more as the house is built. We should be closing on it in about two months - middle of Aug or so.