Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Heart is Broken...

I think that my heart is Broken - can I have a new one??? This valentines day was the WORST EVER!!!!

Well it actually started Sunday morning. My left ovary started hurting pretty bad, I had no idea what it might be so we went to the ER. They first did some labs and found out I was pregnant - Surprise! First time ever getting pregnant without fertility drugs. Turned out not to be a good thing however since the ultrasound showed no baby in my uterus, when by that time they should have seen something in there. The ER sent me home saying it could possibly be ectopic and to come back in if anything at all changed, cause if it ruptured it could be life threatening.

The rest of the day it was just a dull pain but come Monday morning (Valentine's Day) it started hurting again - with a vengeance this time. This time the pain was all over my abdominal area - I was just in pain EVERYWHERE!! So back into the ER I went. Not sure why but all they did was give me some morphine and send me home. They told me to call the doctor for a followup. Funny cause when I followed up with the doctor that same day they said "well if it's a possible ectopic pregnancy we would send you to the ER" yeah I'm convinced all doctors are idiots!!

On Monday not only was I in pain (the morphine did nothing to help the pain) but because of the morphine I was vomiting ALL DAY! I literally could keep nothing down all day. I remember trying to eat a piece of ice and having dry heaves from it. It was awful! I was feeling slightly better about 8 that night so I wanted to shower - that was a mistake. I actually ended up passing out. David was beside himself with worry. I thought I just passed out from dehydration and from throwing up all day.

So Tuesday I go into to have labs done and Wednesday morning the doctor finally calls back and tells me that the labs aren't good and I should probably go in and have an ultrasound done. The ultrasound once again showed no baby in my uterus and this time there is what might be blood in my abdominal cavity. They also saw a large something in the region of my left ovary.

That's when the doctor says that I probably should have surgery. That I may have a ruptured fallopian tube. Duh, ya think?

So Wednesday night I had surgery and they said it had definitely ruptured. They also pulled out about 1/3 gallon of clots. Which translates to bleeding out about a gallon of blood! No wonder I looked white! They said there were so many clots the nurse in the operating room was having to stomp on the tube to keep it from clogging up. It turned from a one hour surgery into two hours. The anesthesiologist was surprised I was doing as well as I was before the surgery.

Well I am feeling a little better now, it's been about a week since the surgery. One doctor told me I shouldn't have gotten pregnant so soon after my D&C's and it was probably because of the scarring from the D&C's that the baby stopped in the tube. But another doctor said that since it had been two months since the D&C that it probably wouldn't have mattered how long I had waited to try again, it would have happened on that side anyways. And that there is a 30% chance of it happening on the other side now too.

So my guess is no more kids for us, at least naturally. What a bitter disappointment. Can't seem to catch a break.

And now you know why my heart is broken...