Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pretty Baby

Alana was supposed to get pictures today with Santa at the hospital Christmas party but we got there to late. I dressed her up and everything, but it was still worth the pictures I took of her before-hand. And of course everybody ooohed and awwwed over her - can't blame them;)


We went up to meacham and went sledding with my sister and her kids. We had so much fun.

David, Alana, and I. After this pic Alana slept the whole time, I got video but for some reason I can't upload video to the internet, I did it one time on my Myspace and ever since then there is always an error - no idea?!

David having fun.

Brenda, Javiar, Salvador, Charlene, and Ramiro

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sleepy by the tree

Alana was so cute - she fell asleep by the tree and she just looked so cute I had to get a picture.