Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last Pic with Grandpa

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Dad

My Dad was a great man, he will be missed. He succumbed to his battle with cancer on Thursday Nov 12th at 6:15 pm with his wife of 44 years, and 4 of his 8 living children around him.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's still doing great...

I am counting my lucky stars (and blessings) for such a wonderful little girl - bedtime is soooo much better with her out of the pack-n-play, she mustof really hated that thing!!

She now goes to bed without any problems at all, before she would scream for about 10-15 min. Wow I can't believe it!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

She did great!

Alana did really great last night - she didn't wake me up till 8:30 this morning. Now to get her to take a nap... :)

Trying something new...

Alana has decided that she doesn't want to sleep in her bed (the pack-n-play) anymore, and who can blame her, it's a small little space.

So we gave up tonight and let her sleep on the crib mattress on the floor. (yes she ended up on the floor)

She did great!! She didn't come out once! Or even cry.

Every once in a while she would yell "mommy", I think just to make sure I was still around.

I was so proud of my baby, who isn't so babyish anymore :( how sad.

I wonder how she will do in the morning...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Impromtu photo shoot

What a cutie!! (need I say more!?)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little girls and bedtime...

Well I knew it would happen sooner or later but I was so hoping it wouldn't.

Alana has figured out how to climb out of her pack n' play (which we use as her bed, cause we were to lazy to put her crib up after we moved).

This is not awful news but alas good things do come to an end sometimes.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Car accident

First off I want to say that everyone is okay!

And secondly that I am TRULY GRATEFUL to a very loving Heavenly Father who saw that the first statement is true.

What happened:

David was driving along with Javiar (my brother-in-law), Alana, Charlene (my niece), and Salvador (my nephew) when a lady pulled out in front of him and he slammed into her. She came from the left and he didn't see her cause there were some other cars in the left turn lane waiting to turn left onto the road she was coming from. She thought she was at a four-way stop so she just decided to floor it to try and get across traffic (even though the cars turning left where waiting for oncoming traffic to pass). Yeah, not really sure WHAT was going through the girls head. Anyways she ended up getting no where fast and totalling our car in the process.

Most everyone just had a little seat belt burn except David who ended up going to the ER today so they could check out his wrist which they said has a hairline fracture in it (from holding the steering wheel so hard) and he also has a bit of a welt going down his arm from the airbag deploying. David and Javiar both have a little whiplash and Charlene got a little welt above her eye from hitting the back of David's seat. Just a couple of bruises. Alana and Salvador where both fine (thankgoodness!!)

I am sad to have to say goodbye to our Neon that was soooo good to us! We loved our car and are sad to see it be totaled as I am sure the insurance will say that it is.

So RIP wonderful car!! We will miss you!

And the other car:

More pics of our house.

I had some people wanting to see the inside of our finished house so here they are.

Front of house completely finished:


Front living room (and part of kitchen of course):

Back living room and dining (the black area in the bottom of the pic is the kitchen island):

Master bedroom (and closet) to the left of the pic is the master bath:

Alana's room:

Guest room/craft room/David's study area when he starts school:

Laundry room (the door you see on the right leads to the garage):

And there is another bathroom between the two bedrooms (Alana's room and guest room) and there is also a two car garage (I posted a pic and accidentally deleted it). So there you have it, our beautiful home that we should be signing on either Monday or Tuesday.

Oh and by the way does anyone want to buy (or knows someone who might want to buy) the stove that you see in the kitchen picture? It's a brand new Hotpoint glass top ceramic stove. We like gas so we have a gas one in the garage waiting to be put in.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our house is done!!!

Yup that's right folks it's all finished!!

We had our final walk through yesterday at 4. Now to just get the funding to go through and it'll be ours!! I can't wait to be in my own home again! After living with family for over 9 months (has it really been 9 months!?) it is time for a CHANGE - whoo hoo!!

This was taken a couple of days ago - they still needed to do a couple of things - like add the light to the top of the post and paint the front door red, but this is pretty much the finished product. We will have to add the sprinkler system and grass ourselves.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Doing much better

Alana is doing much better. She is actually keeping real food down and her diaper changing has slowed waaaay down too!! So grateful!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alana is sick!

Our poor baby Alana has been pretty sick the last couple of days - we ended up taking her to the ER this morning because of dehydration. They said it's just a viral infection. Oh and by the way can I just say Kadlec is a great hospital - the people there are wonderful and they were awesome about seeing her very quickly both times we went in (we went thursday night too cause no matter what we did she just wouldn't stop vomiting)

She wanted to hold mommy and daddy's hands the whole time - poor baby :(

House - Really starting!

Okay for some reason after the last post the builder decided to cover back up the digging they had already done and "flip" the house design. So here is what they have done in the last week.

In this first picture they staked out the house so if you zoom in you can see the stakes in the pic. (just click on the pic and you can see it bigger)

In this second pic they have poured some of the footings.

More footings...

And in this last pic they have gotten all the footings poured and covered them back up and have put in piping like the hot/cold water lines and drain lines. I think they will pour the concrete slab over the top next week. (we will have no crawl space)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our home is started!

Alrighty so as promised I am posting pictures of our "home"

This is the front view (taken from the street) the large mound will be our garage.

This was taken from the right side of the house, that is David in the background (on the left) holding Alana. And the guy on the right is our "neighbor" Enoch.

This picture was taken right about where David was standing in the previous picture - it looks out towards our "view". The closer mound will be our garage and the further one will be the house.
We were actually expecting them to start digging tomorrow (Friday) (our tenth anniversary - yeah to us!!), at least that is what the builder told us but hey I'm not complaining!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our home lot

Okay so as promised here are some pictures of our home...

Or rather the LOT that our home will be built on!
The above picture is the front of the lot
(our driveway will be really close to the one you can see, right behind that white car)

The below picture is of us standing at the back of the lot.

Below is the back of the lot (we are standing about where the back of the house will be built). Yes we have a large slope back there. Our plan is to build a deck out over the slope and terrace the slope and make some nice garden/fruit tree area. Also at the bottom we would like to remove some dirt, make a flat area and a retaining wall and put a little play area down there and steps down to it.
Below is our "view". More then likely a house will be built there eventually so we'll just have a little bit of one later (maybe between the houses).

And finally below is a model of what our house will look like (without so much yard of course). Hope you got a general idea of what the house will be. I will be posting more as the house is built. We should be closing on it in about two months - middle of Aug or so.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alana's new thing.

Alana has found that she can close doors now - no door can stay open any longer!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sadie and Alana posing at the facesSadie brought Alana down the stairs of the auditorium at RushmoreAlana LOVED climbing all the stairs and seats. Going home.

Mt Rushmore

Just pics and video from our trip to Mt. Rushmore today. Enjoy my love!!

She knows her nose!

Here's another one from tonight right before putting her to bed.

Oh and I was not prompting her from behind the camera - she does really good!

Alana's night night

This video is mostly for David's benefit but it's of Alana tonight after getting off the phone with you David, right after she was being really silly. Hope you enjoy sweetheart!! Love you and miss you!

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you !!

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life in general.

So I decided that it was finally time to update this thing. Life has really not been all that crazy - honestly it was just downright laziness! I just don't really feel like there's much to say but then when I actually get down to it and start writing it turns into a book!

At the moment I am at my sister house in Wyoming for a visit. It's been good hanging out with her kids and getting to know them better. She needed me for a few weeks, so what are sisters for but to swoop in and save the day! (he he he) I love you sis!!!

David is "back home" at his brothers who we are currently living with. We only lived in Cheney for 6 weeks before David found out that he could get his degree closer to family in Richland, Wa at WSU's extension campus. So we have been living with Tony and Sarah who have been great to let us stay with them at their home in while we try and get back on our feet. He recently got a job at Red Lion as an Engineering Supervisor. It's basically what he did at the hospital but in a hotel setting. He also has a little more responsibility then he did at the hospital - should be great experience for him even if it's not the funnest. The sad part is it doesn't pay better than the hospital but it keeps David looking forward to school! He should start next spring to pursue his Engineering degree.

Alana is of course still the sweetest little girl ever! She loves copying everything anybody has to say - so we really have to watch it. Her favorite expressions are "Oweee!", "tankyou", "Eat!", and "Up Peeeaase!" She is so fun to have around and we still can't believe how lucky we are that she is actually our little girl!!! I will try and get some pictures posted once I get back home to Washington.

Oh and my sister-in-law Nancy who I talked about in my last post is doing okay - she is living with my parents who live in the same town so her daughter can continue to attend the same school. I know she appreciates that her family came out if it okay and that she has family who she can rely on. She was also greatful to be able to get some insurance money out of her rental insurance and she was also amazed to find, in the burnt out shell of their trailer, her wedding ring! She had put it in a Fred Meyer's jewelery box and when she found it, it was all melted around the outside and even a little of the inside but the ring was pristine!

That is all for now.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Awful day!

I'm at my parents house right now and Thursday night my Dad got a really bad phone call from my sister-in-law, Nancy (my brother Scott's wife) that I'm truly grateful didn't turn out to be a REALLY bad call.

Nancy and her two kids have been living with her Grandmother for the past eight months and the trailer they were living in burned to the ground Thursday night - it was awful and my heart goes out to them - I love you guys sooo much!!! And I'm truly grateful you all are okay!!!!!

I've been watching her kids all day while they go shopping for clothes and sift through the ashes to see what they could salvage today - it's been an exhausting and tiring time.

The only thing they had when the got out of the house was their pj's and Nancy grabbed her purse thankfully.

Whew what a day!!! I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

oops sorry forgot to explain

Oops I forgot to explain what it was that she was walking across - it's a grate covering an old oil furnace that doesn't work anymore. I can understand her dilemma too, it's open all the way down and is kinda scary to walk across - I don't even like to walk across it myself!
This is in our new house that we are renting in Cheney. Alana does not want to walk across it. Watch the whole thing - she's hilarious!! Enjoy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cheney and back again...

Well just thought I'd update on what's been going on with us.

We decided to take another trip up to Cheney/Spokane to look at places and see if any rentals appeal to us. At first we thought we'd look in Spokane cause I thought I might like to live in the "big" city for awhile if David decides to get a job with a trucking company where he would have to be gone for over a month but then I realized that Spokane may just be a little much for this small town girl, sooo we looked in Cheney and think we found a house that will work for us. It's 3 bed 1 bath (teeny tiny bathroom) but it would work. Tiny kitchen as well but there is plenty of storage space for all our "junk" to go. That's about it for the house hunting.

As for our sweet little girl, she is doing great - teething like crazy and just as joyful as ever. She's actually teething so much that she's bruised the tips of both her index fingers using them as teethers. Ouch. That's about it - I know boring but maybe next post will be that we actually got a place up there!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

16 months old today!!

(I'll just warn you right off the bat, I'm sick so this post may not be all that coherent)

Things my sweet Alana loves to do...

Dance around in circles when she hears music

Play hide and seek with her cousins

Ride in her new wagon she got for Christmas

Getting her coat on and going outside
(and I mean she loves this - she's not even particular
about who it's with as long as shes going to!!)

Mooching ice cream off Grandpa and Grandma
(well any food for that matter)

Mooching food off anybody actually

Her binky still

Putting clothes around her neck and running off with them
(my bras in particular for some reason)

Our phones

Saying "Hi", "No" (of course), "tant to" (thank you), and "num num num" (for food)

She has grown so much and we just love her more and more everyday,
I don't know how we ever got so lucky to get such a sweet tempered little angel.
(Thank you Heavenly Father!!).

She loves her new Christmas toy. It spins, makes music and you can move the pieces around - what more could a kid ask for?

Playing with cousin Keegan's new toy he got for his birthday. Alana's cousin Jeramy is likin the piano part. Funny story about this, notice she loves the microphone, well in church the next day I had to give the closing prayer and for some reason David wasn't able to take her so I took her up with me and she decided she wanted to try that microphone too!!

Just this last Sunday - at my sisters ward. I love this outfit on her!

My baby was so sick the other day - this was after a huge mess (from both ends - YUCK!!!) and we were at a hotel of all places!! And she wasn't done - she did the same thing today - at least we were at home for that one though.

This video is of Alana thinking that everybody was singing to her - she's so funny!!