Friday, February 13, 2009

Cheney and back again...

Well just thought I'd update on what's been going on with us.

We decided to take another trip up to Cheney/Spokane to look at places and see if any rentals appeal to us. At first we thought we'd look in Spokane cause I thought I might like to live in the "big" city for awhile if David decides to get a job with a trucking company where he would have to be gone for over a month but then I realized that Spokane may just be a little much for this small town girl, sooo we looked in Cheney and think we found a house that will work for us. It's 3 bed 1 bath (teeny tiny bathroom) but it would work. Tiny kitchen as well but there is plenty of storage space for all our "junk" to go. That's about it for the house hunting.

As for our sweet little girl, she is doing great - teething like crazy and just as joyful as ever. She's actually teething so much that she's bruised the tips of both her index fingers using them as teethers. Ouch. That's about it - I know boring but maybe next post will be that we actually got a place up there!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ That's great that you found a place! I think Spokane would be way to big for me too!!! :)

Summer said...

Hey Gail, glad you are still blogging. I kinda got lazy about it for awhile but I like to know how you guys are doing. Glad you found a place. My sister-in-law is from Cheney.
Alana is getting prettier and prettier. Hope Dave can find a job.