Tuesday, January 20, 2009

16 months old today!!

(I'll just warn you right off the bat, I'm sick so this post may not be all that coherent)

Things my sweet Alana loves to do...

Dance around in circles when she hears music

Play hide and seek with her cousins

Ride in her new wagon she got for Christmas

Getting her coat on and going outside
(and I mean she loves this - she's not even particular
about who it's with as long as shes going to!!)

Mooching ice cream off Grandpa and Grandma
(well any food for that matter)

Mooching food off anybody actually

Her binky still

Putting clothes around her neck and running off with them
(my bras in particular for some reason)

Our phones

Saying "Hi", "No" (of course), "tant to" (thank you), and "num num num" (for food)

She has grown so much and we just love her more and more everyday,
I don't know how we ever got so lucky to get such a sweet tempered little angel.
(Thank you Heavenly Father!!).

She loves her new Christmas toy. It spins, makes music and you can move the pieces around - what more could a kid ask for?

Playing with cousin Keegan's new toy he got for his birthday. Alana's cousin Jeramy is likin the piano part. Funny story about this, notice she loves the microphone, well in church the next day I had to give the closing prayer and for some reason David wasn't able to take her so I took her up with me and she decided she wanted to try that microphone too!!

Just this last Sunday - at my sisters ward. I love this outfit on her!

My baby was so sick the other day - this was after a huge mess (from both ends - YUCK!!!) and we were at a hotel of all places!! And she wasn't done - she did the same thing today - at least we were at home for that one though.

This video is of Alana thinking that everybody was singing to her - she's so funny!!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ That picture with the little dress and the piggy tales is SOOOO cute! She's adorable!

Poor baby being sick!

I'm glad you posted! I can't believe how much she's grown! :)

Carol said...

Gail, Alana has grown so much, is hard to believe. She looks about 3 years old in the oriental dress. She is such a little cutie. Hope all is well with you.


Summer said...

Alana is such a pretty little girl! I love that kimono (not sure if I spelled that right) on her.