Thursday, September 29, 2011

Six months gone by aready!!?

I can't believe six months have already passed since my last post! Wow how time flies. So here is a small update:

Alana turned 4!!
--- Can't believe it, but there you have it. I now have a big 4 year old!

We had the roof on our house in La Grande fix/changed.
--- It needed done for awhile and we're glad that it finally is - one less headace

David has been officially layed off.
--- a new chapter in our life is about to begin as he attempts school. We are excited to move on and for David to start doing what he's always wanted to do "when he grows up" - lol

And now that he's layed off we can attempt to do our back yard project that has been waiting for us for two years.

And that is about the sum of it for now - no major bad stuff lately and we are truly grateful for that and will take what the Lord is willing to give.