Monday, June 30, 2008

Just stuff

Okay so I've had a lot of people asking what is going on with us moving or whatever we are doing, so here goes...

As most of you know David was fired a while back, so in looking for a new job for him we found out that because he is a disabled veteran he can (hopefully) get vocational rehabilitation and may be able to go into a different job field.

We believe this would be the best thing for him because within the last year or two his back has been progressively getting worse and continues to bother him. He has a herniated disk in his back which is aggravated by walking for long periods of time or whenever he lifts heavy objects.

So what he would like to ultimately do (when he "grows up" as he likes to say) is to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, which is a very hands on job and yet not the "grunt work" as my father so eloquently puts it.

That is where Voc Rehab comes in. They have to decide if David could potentially work in the same field he worked in at the hospital or if he needs to be trained in a different area. Basically they want to get him into a job with the least amount of money out of their pocket as possible. So they may not like the idea of putting him through 4 years of college when they could potentially put him through another program for cheaper.

So right now we have an appointment to talk with a Voc rehab counselor in Boise on the 10th of July and if all goes the way we would like, we will be moving to Cheney, Wa so David can go to school at Eastern Washington University. If we get the funding from the VA, David will have all his tuition paid for along with books, fees, and whatever else he needs (like a laptop that the program requires him to have) and we will get help with living expenses as well.

Hopefully all will go well... I will post when I know more. Just ask if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our wonderful coast trip!!!

Wyatt on the porch at the beach house.

Me just chillin at the beach house we rented (actually the one that Tony and Sarah and Angie and Jason rented and they were nice enough to let us stay there. THANKS GUYS it was a lot of fun!!!)

What's a beach trip without diggin in the sand and water???

First time on Daddy's back in the back pack.

"Eww get that thing away from me cousin Matt!!"

What a cutie!!

Alana hammin it up at the beach house.

Me and Alana at Hatfield Marine Science Center
She loved checkin out the fish, she kept watching them going back and forth. (on a side note it was neat to see Terri Irwin and her two children there, Bindi and Bob. Terri even commented on my sleeping baby saying how cute she was, and she even had to have her son come over so he could look at Alana and told him "look at the cute baby". I thought that was sweet)

Alana lovin it on Daddy's back

My niece Addy was checkin out the pretty sea stars at seal rock

Me walking down to the beach from the beach house we stayed in.

The sea lion we saw at seal rock

David roasting some hot dogs at South beach

JR and Kylab have a fun albeit cold time at the beach (notice JR's red and very cold legs)

As you can see from the pictures we had a lot of fun at the coast, it's been a couple years since we went so we were definitely due for a trip there. Although I wish it had been a little warmer - I don't know what I was thinking either cause I packed Alana's clothes like we were going to a California beach or something and I forgot any coats - I guess I'm just excited for the warm weather (it's a little too warm now though, can't win can we?) Well it's late and I've been forever getting these pictures up - I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day!

David's first father's day!! And might I say what a great and awesome father he is! I love you so much honey and so appreciate all you've done for our little family.

This is my dad and a couple of his grandkids giving him their father's day gifts. It was such a fun day and the kids all had a blast. Happy Father's Day Dad - I love you!!

This is my little brother, Scott and his daughter, Jaydin. She was giving him her father's day gift. Happy Father's Day to you too Scott!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Okay so as you all guessed - yes they are bees. Lots and lots of them!! They decided that the tree in my sister, Brenda's, back yard was a good place to make a nice little hive!! I have to say that at least it was in her back yard cause we were having a yard sale that day in her front yard. Yard sales and lots of bees = no good! I think that would have put a damper on things!

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention that my brother-in-law Richard (not Brenda's husband) just happens to like bees or at least he used to have some hives of his own (for fresh honey) and he still had the beekeeper stuff so he got all geared up and took the bees away - my sister was very happy to say the least. (I don't know what Richard did with the bees - I should ask...)

On a side note, it feels like just yesterday that I made that post - where does all the time go? David's been off work for two months already and it feels like just yesterday that he was fired.