Monday, June 16, 2008


Okay so as you all guessed - yes they are bees. Lots and lots of them!! They decided that the tree in my sister, Brenda's, back yard was a good place to make a nice little hive!! I have to say that at least it was in her back yard cause we were having a yard sale that day in her front yard. Yard sales and lots of bees = no good! I think that would have put a damper on things!

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention that my brother-in-law Richard (not Brenda's husband) just happens to like bees or at least he used to have some hives of his own (for fresh honey) and he still had the beekeeper stuff so he got all geared up and took the bees away - my sister was very happy to say the least. (I don't know what Richard did with the bees - I should ask...)

On a side note, it feels like just yesterday that I made that post - where does all the time go? David's been off work for two months already and it feels like just yesterday that he was fired.


The Muries said...

I hate bees!!! I am glad that your brother in law was able to get rid of them for you. When are you guys moving?

Summer said...

That's cool that Richard took them away. I didn't know Dave was fired. Sorry to hear that. What does he want to go to school for? My first thought is that Dave seems too nice to be fired..even if the employer couldn't afford to keep him.