Sunday, August 9, 2009

Car accident

First off I want to say that everyone is okay!

And secondly that I am TRULY GRATEFUL to a very loving Heavenly Father who saw that the first statement is true.

What happened:

David was driving along with Javiar (my brother-in-law), Alana, Charlene (my niece), and Salvador (my nephew) when a lady pulled out in front of him and he slammed into her. She came from the left and he didn't see her cause there were some other cars in the left turn lane waiting to turn left onto the road she was coming from. She thought she was at a four-way stop so she just decided to floor it to try and get across traffic (even though the cars turning left where waiting for oncoming traffic to pass). Yeah, not really sure WHAT was going through the girls head. Anyways she ended up getting no where fast and totalling our car in the process.

Most everyone just had a little seat belt burn except David who ended up going to the ER today so they could check out his wrist which they said has a hairline fracture in it (from holding the steering wheel so hard) and he also has a bit of a welt going down his arm from the airbag deploying. David and Javiar both have a little whiplash and Charlene got a little welt above her eye from hitting the back of David's seat. Just a couple of bruises. Alana and Salvador where both fine (thankgoodness!!)

I am sad to have to say goodbye to our Neon that was soooo good to us! We loved our car and are sad to see it be totaled as I am sure the insurance will say that it is.

So RIP wonderful car!! We will miss you!

And the other car:


Carol said...

So glad that no one was seriously hurt. Sad about your Neon, maybe you can get another one. We sure liked the one we had, amazing mpg.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I'm so glad everyone is okay! Your sad little Neon! you guys have had that a long time!

Grandma & Grandpa K said...

oh my goodness. We are happy you are safe and sound.
Now on to more car payments...

Summer said...

oh wow, glad you guys are okay!