Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life in general.

So I decided that it was finally time to update this thing. Life has really not been all that crazy - honestly it was just downright laziness! I just don't really feel like there's much to say but then when I actually get down to it and start writing it turns into a book!

At the moment I am at my sister house in Wyoming for a visit. It's been good hanging out with her kids and getting to know them better. She needed me for a few weeks, so what are sisters for but to swoop in and save the day! (he he he) I love you sis!!!

David is "back home" at his brothers who we are currently living with. We only lived in Cheney for 6 weeks before David found out that he could get his degree closer to family in Richland, Wa at WSU's extension campus. So we have been living with Tony and Sarah who have been great to let us stay with them at their home in while we try and get back on our feet. He recently got a job at Red Lion as an Engineering Supervisor. It's basically what he did at the hospital but in a hotel setting. He also has a little more responsibility then he did at the hospital - should be great experience for him even if it's not the funnest. The sad part is it doesn't pay better than the hospital but it keeps David looking forward to school! He should start next spring to pursue his Engineering degree.

Alana is of course still the sweetest little girl ever! She loves copying everything anybody has to say - so we really have to watch it. Her favorite expressions are "Oweee!", "tankyou", "Eat!", and "Up Peeeaase!" She is so fun to have around and we still can't believe how lucky we are that she is actually our little girl!!! I will try and get some pictures posted once I get back home to Washington.

Oh and my sister-in-law Nancy who I talked about in my last post is doing okay - she is living with my parents who live in the same town so her daughter can continue to attend the same school. I know she appreciates that her family came out if it okay and that she has family who she can rely on. She was also greatful to be able to get some insurance money out of her rental insurance and she was also amazed to find, in the burnt out shell of their trailer, her wedding ring! She had put it in a Fred Meyer's jewelery box and when she found it, it was all melted around the outside and even a little of the inside but the ring was pristine!

That is all for now.


Rachel said...

Gosh I'm so glad to hear that you guys are still breathing! Hopefully everything will all work out and you'll be living in the Tri-Cities soon! We are always going there, but then again you already knew that.


Are You Serious! said...

♥ That great that he found a job not great about the pay but yay it's a job... That'll be exciting once he starts school! Can't wait to see pictures of Alana! :)