Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Halloween Memory

I was just thinking about memories from Halloween past and thought about one when I was growing up in Boardman - Just reminded me of what kind of man my Dad was...

I was a police cadet - blame it on my friend Marlene :) It didn't last long, only about a year an a half or so but it was fun while it lasted.

As a cadet you could go on ride along's - where you get to ride in a police car with an officer and pull people over or go check out suspicious behavior, or just drive around making sure people aren't misbehaving. It just so happened that the only time I went on one of these ride-along's was All-Hallow's Eve. Yup - Halloween- I was a bit terrified, it being my first time and all.

So this day was anticipated for quite awhile, couple of weeks or so. I had to be trained, get permission (I was underage), and show that I could handle myself. It was interesting to say the least.

The big day arrives and I've done everything necessary to get myself ready for the big night, I've got my uniform on, I'm sure I gave myself a couple of pep talks, and said goodbye to my parents. I walk down to the police station and proceed to go on my very first ride-along.

We drove around a bit making sure the little kiddies were safe and that no teenagers where causing mischief. We sat at the freeway entrance waiting for people that didn't stop at the off-ramp stop sign. We pulled someone over cause they had a missing headlight. We got a call about suspicious activity out in a field (didn't find anything). And then the officer drove me home. (nope no doughnut shops involved but we were tempted)

Yup that was about it - *whew*

Apparently I wasn't the only one worried...

As I walked in the door after my little adventure I heard squawking and radio chatter and I was wondering what the heck was going on - and there sitting in his chair was my father, listening to a police scanner.

Love you Dad.