Sunday, September 16, 2007

BAD DAY!! Warning, long and ranting.

I just cannot believe how horrible and not a good day today was at all!! It wasn't physically bad, just very mentally exhausting (and awful).
I just don't want to be induced!! That's really all there is to it. I hate it that I told my doctor he could induce me on Tuesday "just because". There really is no reason, it's only cause I'm a week late. Whenever I would go in for my appointments the last month they kept telling me "don't worry we won't let you go more than a week over" but in reality I just never thought it would come down to that and so I WASN'T worried. So now it is down to crunch time and today has been quite the challenge for me mentally (yes, I know make it into a joke "isn't everyday mentally challenging for you Gail??" Ha Ha {actually that WAS kinda funny, I crack myself up sometimes he he}).
Oh yeah it didn't help that before I went in for my NST this morning that David was upset with me for agreeing to go in at nine which meant that he would miss his nine o'clock meeting, he wanted me to change it to the afternoon. He also was upset that my doctor who is LDS would even want us to do the NST on Sunday (I didn't really get that either). So after finally convincing him that it really wasn't all that big of deal we went and had the NST done at nine and everything was fine. That was actually the highlight of my day, I got to sit and listen to my baby for about an hour - I LOVE that sound!!! Actually the nurse couldn't get the heartbeat for about 10 min cause the baby was moving around so much, it was funny.
So after the NST the nurse comes back in and proceeds to tell me (not mean like, just letting me know) that Tue is the last "not so busy day" before the FOLLOWING Wed. Ugh how frustrating. (here Gail let me just add a little more pressure).
Yes I know what you're thinking "just tell your doctor NO". Well it's not all that easy, my doctor is not in his office Monday, and I tried calling his home tonight and he is up in the mountains. I could call him tomorrow but it just seems so close to Tue and I also feel bad calling him at home, even if I do know him on a personal basis.
Oh yeah I've also been telling everybody that "I can't go past Tuesday cause their going to break my water" so there is that for me to think about too. Every one will be expecting me to be induced so their plans will revolve around that now. It's no wonder I was miserable today and church was awful too, I hate sitting in those chairs for three hours and also with everybody expecting me to already have had the baby it is just NOT FUN.
I am feeling a little better though cause I've finally realized that the point of getting pregnant is not to have a natural childbirth, it is to have A BABY!! Which I am totally psyched about and am definately ready to meet. I love this little peanut already. So here I sit writing this post, eating AWESOME blackberry cheesecake with Moose Tracks ice cream and dreaming about my little darling and feeling MUCH better about my decision, which is to just stick with the induction at 8 on Tue.
Oh and I also have the most wonderful husband in the world who loves me and backs me up no matter how scatterbrained and hormonal his wife is!!

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The awesome cheesecake my friend Morgan made for us. SOO GOOD!! (and already gone.)

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My wonderful husband after a looong day.

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And the beautiful roses he picked for me!! He's so sweet.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I had a post written and realized how outdated it was so I'm starting over. I was going to post some pictures but for some reason my annoying computer decided that it didn't like my SD card so I'm out of commission on new pics for awhile - till David gets it figured out.

So baby has decided it is going to permanently stay in my uterus. I have tried EVERTHING that I can think of, caster oil included (twice) and nothing. So I've given up, I will just have to wait till he/she is good and ready. On a funner note I had a really neat dream that we had a boy. This was the first dream where I was able to see distinct features and he was so beautiful!! I just can't hardly wait to meet this beautiful baby. Oh, in the dream he had a TON of curly black hair, so cool!!

We decided that I will get my water broken on Tue (a week past my due date) if nothing happens before then. So this baby WILL be making an appearance shortly. On a happier note, I have been having contractions, they only just started today being a bit different - now they are making my uterus VERY HARD, before they were just in my back and down low (menstrual type cramping). They are weird though cause they don't hurt, the other ones hurt. But they are still very irregular.

Okay enough baby stuff for now, I have been very much enjoying having my awesome husband home for the last 4 days. We aren't doing all that much, just enjoying spending time together before baby arrives. We did clean up part of my overly messy porch last night. It has been calling for attention for I don't know how long. But we are slowly working on it.

Yesterday our friend Morgan came over and baked us a cheesecake. Let me tell you if I hadn't slowed him down, David would have eaten it all in one setting. Sometimes I wonder where his commonsense goes when it comes to food he really enjoys!! It is quite possibly the best cheesecake I have ever tasted. And of course I can't eat much because cheese and pregnancy just do NOT mix, if you know what I mean (evil constipation).

Well hopefully my next post will be to tell what flavor of baby I just had, wish me luck (I think I've been saying that A LOT lately).

Oh if you want to hear something really cool go to my myspace, make sure you have the sound on.


Saturday, September 1, 2007

So I went to the doctors yesterday and the first thing he says when he walks in is "looks like your almost the next one up to bat". So did that freak me out?? Oh no not at all!! I'm only already freakin out like a lot. I know what I got myself in for from the beginning but now I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hello, I'm going to die!! Okay anyways I think I'm just getting myself worked up a little bit so on to other subjects.

Doctor Hibbert did a really quick ultra sound on the baby, it was soooo awesome!!! He wanted to make sure the head was down and it is. We also saw the spine and the heart, that was it - it was really quick. But oh sooo cool. I am glad he did it, it gave me a visual to go by and I'm glad for that. Now on to bat...