Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just thinkin...

Just been thinking about a few things lately,

My weight... never really understood why I haven't just put my foot down and gotten rid of it so there are a few things I have been changing. For one this is my inspiration (i found on pinterest):

Snacking is my downfall (that and not exercising of course), this has really helped me to recognize what my body needs and try and curb those feelings/cravings.

Another thing that has been helping is smoothies, we have been making a lot of them lately! With lots of fruits and veggies added into it. LOVE SMOOTHIES!!!! It's so fun to try new things too and add carrots, spinach, mangos, we even got a whole coconut and hammered it apart - so much fun!! We also use flax seed, greek yogurt, soy protein, and I've even thrown a banana in it and really like it (if you know me I loathe plain bananas but love banana bread - lol, figure that one out)

Another thought: David in school has not been the easiest on our family, but of course we know that it is the RIGHT thing for us right now - everything has been falling into place and we have been very blessed!

We have been doing a lot of scout stuff and it's been difficult understanding all the things that go into scouting. David is Webelos leader and I am the Pack Committee Chair so we are very involved. Actually right now David is taking a hike up badger with his Webelos. I really enjoy working with the boys, even if it is a bit trying at times. It's so fun to watch them learn and grow.

My brother Michael just had a new addition to his family - so excited for him and to see him bless his baby next weekend. Jared Diesel is such a cute little baby! Can't wait to meet him.

This will be a busy summer - I will be watching Brenda's kids a lot and I'm also very excited for my sister Becky to be moving somewhere nearby us this summer! I'm also excited to get to hang out with Nancy and her family.

My nephew is getting married June 9th, we are excited to be able to go to the Spokane temple and watch him be sealed to his bride for Time and all Eternity!!!! Love this!

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