Saturday, January 12, 2008


I just have one thing to say ---


I can't believe this is my husband sledding!!

What a kid! Yes he did about kill himself and I was terrified that he wasn't going to get up from this one, but thankfully he didn't do any permanent damage and had just a few scrapes and bruises to show for it. You'll have to complement him on his sledding tactics at church:)

I was just to the right of him and saw it all happen - very scary!

Oh and that is my little brother laughing in the background (he was filming) - He said "as soon as I saw David give the thumbs up I started laughing"


Are You Serious! said...

I would have FREAKED out!!! Holy cow he's lucky he didn't break his neck!!! I'm glad that he's okay. I will definately be saying something tomorrow! :)

Rachel B said...

One Word---CRAZY!


Summer said...

woah!hahaa that looked funny and scary...and painful. I can't believe that was Dave too. hahhah I bet he was sore after that. ahhah glad he wasn't hurt.