Sunday, February 3, 2008

I miss My Hubby:(

I can't believe how much over-time David has been getting lately - he's STILL working even, and it's almost one in the morning!

But what he's doing has to be done tonight or laundry up at the hospital would be down one washer for the weekend and David is really trying to avoid that if he can.

I think in the past two weeks he's gotten about 33 hours of overtime (depending upon how long he stays tonight of course). That's a record for sure.

PLUS he's gotten over 17 hours of snowplowing in over the past two weeks!

Wow, no wonder why I haven't seen my husband lately (adding it all up kindof stunned me).

Well I guess we'll be gettin a pretty decent check:)

But I'm sad to not see him much:(

I really don't like being home alone without my hubby... Well best be off to bed... Good nite (Sorry honey I tried waiting up but I... Just... Couldn't... Make... It..........

UPDATE: David ended up getting home about 15 min later, he said the company sent him the wrong part so he wasn't able to get the dumb thing finished anyway.


Rachel B said...

That's pretty much how my husband works all year long. I'm used to it now.


Are You Serious! said...

Oh to have a job! What a blessing! I can't wait to be done with school and have a real life paying job!

When Joe worked for ODOT... I didn't see him a whole lot durning the winter months. :)

Summer said...

oh, that is alot of hours. I bet Dave will be glad when the spring comes.