Thursday, July 17, 2008

I miss my camera!!!!

Yup that's right I really miss my awesome camera - I've had to resort to David's huge digital SLR which takes GREAT pictures but it's HUGE and hard to luge around with a little one. Some how my camera got broken (one of the other many things that have happened lately) But Canon said they would fix it cause it is under warranty - HOWEVER they also said that if it looks like it was my fault then it is not under warranty :( (of course) and seeing as I'm pretty sure someone stepped on it - that would make it my fault, right? hmmm... Hopefully they will fix it for free.

Alana is now standing up on everything and trying to cruise around on the furniture, but she is still pretty wobbly. Last wednesday for the first time she stood up in her crib and now I can't keep her from doing it, every time I put her to bed now she is standing, which is a little frustrating cause she used to go to bed so easily and now not so much.


Are You Serious! said...

♡ That's hard when they start getting so mobile! she'll get back into a routine and it'll get better again! :)

The Muries said...

And the fun begins. It will only last a bit until she is back to going down easy you will see.