Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yup that's about how I feel at the moment - UGGY (interpert how you wish).

I can't even tell you how many times I have started this post - there is so much going on I just get overwhelmed every time I think of writing it - so I quit. I'll try and break it down a bit. So I'll start with Voc Rehab.

They basically told us no - but yesss... - Let me explain... David wants to be a Mechanical Engineer - and the Voc Rehab people don't like to put people through this program (any engineering program) because of the VERY high failure rate that is associated with it. And you have to be EXCEPTIONAL in math. So if he tried now and failed that would be it - they give you ONE try and ONE try only. No do overs - nothing!

So, seeing as he doesn't have a very good track record in math (he didn't pass his last college algebra class - 10 years ago) they told him to study up on his math and then take their test.

So here's our plan - For the next couple of terms David is going to take a math course each term to get caught up in his math. He will also either be driving truck or finding some other job to get us by until then. The Voc Rehab guy told us about a CDL certification school in Baker that lets Vets go for free (when we called to apply they actually told us everybody can get in for free).

Oh yeah, another thing Voc Rehab guy told us was that they will only put us into a college that is in our area (like EOU) so we have to move to the area where we want to attend school (that would be Cheney) for Voc Rehab to pay for it. So I'm not sure exactly when we are moving but we would like to get our house up on the market ASAP - the sooner the better. We will probably move out soon and live with my parents until the house sells then find a place up in Cheney to buy/rent. That would be one good thing about him driving truck - it doesn't really matter where we live and if he's taking distance ed math courses he can study on his down time. Buuut I would hate for him to be gone so much and that is a HUGE downside of him driving truck! Decisions, Decisions...

As for the other things going on in our life...

We had a little scare with our sweet little Alana - Last Friday we went to the Doctors for some goopy stuff in Alana's eyes - which ended up being pink-eye. But that's not the scary part - as he was listening to her lungs and chest he heard a clicking noise coming from her heart that concerned him - he wanted her to get checked out, so we set up an appointment with the hospital for her to get an electrocardiogram (utrasound of the heart) the following Monday.

Can you say a little stressed out all weekend?? Remember we had just found out about the Voc Rehab stuff so we had some MAJOR life decisions to make in that regard and then this!! And to make matters even worse, I woke up sick Sat (I am still not feeling 100%) and then Sunday night, my glasses broke! (not to mention stressing out about how we are going to pay for all this)

Okay so Monday morning we go in and the tech guy does the ultrasound of her heart and THANKFULLY there is nothing wrong and Alana did AWESOME laying there for 30+ minutes letting him look at her heart (the sucker he gave her helped a little, hehe). (oh and we also found out the hospital will pay for it due to our financial situation).

So many blessings... the Lord has a plan for us all.


Rachel said...

Yikes talk about stress for you two! Crazy.
Glad little Alana is okay. They had to do one of those on Parker when he was a baby. Not fun.

Hope things start looking up for you soon.


Are You Serious! said...

♡ Wow! So why can't David just go to school at EOU? Since you already have the house and stuff? Just curious. That sucks that your glasses broke and poor Alana! I'm so glad that everything is okay with her!

The Muries said...

Wow you have been busy. Too bad about having that big scare with Alana but I am glad that nothing was wrong wtih her. Hope all goes well with the job search and school and that you are feeling better. Wow you did have lots to update.