Sunday, November 18, 2007


Alright so it's official - we are out of the branch!! David and I were just released today. The new Branch president is Richie Hibbert, first counslor is Phil Meyer, and second is Ivan Hibbert. I'm sad we had to go but happy to be going back into our family ward. We are excited to go back to 4th ward and to reestablish old friendships. I am sad they took Lynette and Ivan - I love Lynette and am sad I won't see her much but her and Ivan will love the branch. I think Sister Issacson had the hardest time - the Berry's will be staying so it wasn't to hard on them.

We all bore our testimony's during sacrament - that was hard - we will miss all the branch kids that's for sure. We love them so much.

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Rachel B said...

Yeah!!!! Glad to have you guys back. But man they need to stop stealing people from 4th ward!