Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sleepwalking??? what the?!

Obviously I am very awful at writing (not like you Rachel, miss Queen of blogging!!) but to prove to you at how exhausted and out of sorts I've been lately I actually went sleepwalking for the first time ever last night. I woke up this morning with Alana laying next to me and having nooo idea how she got there.

I have been putting her out in the swing in the livingroom cause she sleeps in it so well, and when I woke up about 6 this morning low and behold there she was laying next to me, latched on. Smart girl, she must have figured out how to get out of the swing, crawl all the way down the hall, climb up into my bed, AND latch on - and all at only six weeks old - OH MY!! What is wrong with me?? I guess parenthood is really catching up with me more than I thought, or I'm just going nuts - no biggie, don't worry about little insane ol' Gail over here.

I even kept asking David - Are you sure you didn't go get her?? and he says the last thing he remembers is me climbing into bed after nursing her, that was around 1:30am. Well that's the last thing I remember too. I must have heard her on the monitor, turned both parts of the monitor off and brought her back to bed with me. Whoa, I'm absolutly stunned. Sorry if I'm going on and on about this but this has never happened to me before and is a bit unnerving and just a tad bit scary - I never thought I would do that. I guess when your body needs sleep it will get it anyway it can. I'm going to have to learn how to sleep better - on the other hand I feel like I actually slept pretty good last night, maybe a repeat... ;)


Melissa M. said...

That's pretty funny. At least you didn't wake up with a can of RAID on your night stand and reak of Raid in your hair! Yes my sister-in-law sleep walks and she had killed a spider the night before and in the morning woke up finding the raid and realizing that she had sprayed her HEAD with it!!! INSANE!!! That would have scared me. I remember waking up and wondering if I really did things especially with the twins I was in MEGA sleep deprivation. :) Good Luck!

Sleep Disorders Guide Blog said...

Hello Gail

Sleep walking also involves many complex actions. It is common in children and affects both girls and boys.

Sometimes, sleepwalking begins in the old age. Men are more likely to display aggressive behavior than women when they sleep walk.